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Cupcake Fun - What its all about

What its all about: Join me in creating a cupcake to a theme. Once a month I'll do a round up of all emails/blog links submitted.

So without further ado, lets make cupcakes!

Rocky Road Cupcakes......that became Campfire Rocky Road Cupcakes due to an extra minute in the oven. A delicious mistake!

Very easy to make. I whipped up a batch of basic chocolate cupcakes. I removed the cupcakes from the oven(which I left on). I melted 75gr chocolate with 40gr butter and put a dollop on each cupcake. Then I topped with marshmallows and returned to oven whilst I melted a little white chocolate. When the marshmallows were slightly melted gently toasted I took them out of the oven and drizzled white chocolate over them then generously sprinkled chocolate stars and balls over them.