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Half term playtime - #MyPrizeWishlist illustrated in Duplo

Here is our prize wishlist for 2016, also our entry into Superlucky Di's competition.

As its half term I wanted to get the kids involved, so we constructed it in Duplo.

We would love to win flights to South Africa to visit family and friends and introduce the two newest members of the family. If we won, we'd also need some new luggage to carry all the baby and toddler paraphernalia. One case just isn't going to cut it! 

In an effort to eat more fruit and vegetables we would love a fruit/veg subscription.

While we in the kitchen, a new energy efficient fridge freezer would be great!

Staying in the kitchen, the microwave blew up a few weeks ago, so that has made it to the list. 

Some vouchers for a garden centre to brighten up the garden.

Some outdoor play equipment/toys

A new computer for me(preferably an Apple iMac AIO Desktop PC).

A Lumie wakeup light.

A day trip to Chester Zoo.

A day trip to Cheshire Ice Cream Farm

Restaurant vouchers

A day trip to Manchester Sea Life and Legoland (that is supposed to be a sea horse)

And the biggest one on the list this year. A family trip to Lapland.

Find more Duplo fun at our new home

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Dream destination for 2016, Cape Town -

Picture taken by Laurance Logan, Strand Beach, South Africa

Of all the places in the World I would choose South Africa, Cape Town to be exact. My Dad, step mum and sister live in the Cape and I would like nothing better than to take my husband and children to see them.

I had many holidays in the Cape while growing up, it would be an amazing experience reliving special moments with my husband and kids.

So much to do, so much to see, Cape Town really has it all. Mountains, beach, city, vineyards and shopping. And of course the added bonus of getting to see my family and introduce them to the newest members.

My favourite memory of Cape Town is breakfast at Cape Point Nature Reserve, its one of the most incredible places I have been. Its the point where the Pacific Ocean meets the Atlantic, and as strange as it sounds, both oceans seem to have a slight different colour.

Scouring the interenet for holiday inspiration I came across Icelolly. I came across the most awesome holiday, an 11 night trip to South Africa including a trip to the Kruger, winelands and Cape Town.

We'll be saving up and hopefully doing the trip very soon.

This blog post was written for Icelolly.coms competition to win £1000 towards a 2016 holiday.

I nominate Chic Geek Diary, Lily's Little Learners and Tales of an ME mummy to participate.

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Cardboad Dream House Competition - Ocean Finance

Josh and Kate love playing house, making tents and building all sorts of constructions out of Lego, cardboard boxes, blankets, anything they can get there hands on.

Ocean Finance offered us a cardboard playhouse as part of a competition and I had to say yes as I knew Josh and Kate would love it.

It arrived and Josh was besides himself with excitement. We've just moved house so unfortunately there was too much to do before we could get started on it. Finally the day came.

After constructing the house we asked Josh what we should do to decorate it. He said he wanted it red(his favourite colour)  with a black roof . I wasn't brave enough to let him lose with a paintbrush in the house and the weather wasn't good enough to do it outside so we opted for red paper bricks.

After completing all the brick work and the roof he started talking about Christmas and decided he wanted it to be a Christmas house. So we sent Daddy up to the loft to get some Christmas decorations. A few hours later we had this:

And after a quick costume change:

Update: find us at Cold Cuppa Club 
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Debenhams Back-To-School Competition

I was reading the blog of The Ramblings of a formely Rock N roll Mum and saw that she was hosting a really fun competition on behalf of Debenhams.

Here is my entry:

A old photo of my brother and I, we decided to swap school uniforms. With him being 2 years younger than me his was quite a squeeze! This photo always me smile when I come across it.

I've had a look through the Debenhams site and didn't manage to come across any items in the summer uniform(probably as we went to school in South Africa and the climate is so different), so had to opt for our winter uniform.

Girls wore skirts very similar to these:

With a white blouse
 A grey jumper(ours had red and green stripes on the cuffs)

Teamed up with a red and green striped tie, long grey socks with red and green stripes

and shoes smiliar to these:

 The boys wore the same jumper, tie and socks, but paired with trousers like these:

I have tried asking my son what he thinks about the photo but I just get silly giggles, he thinks the photo is hilarious! 

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Debenhams Style a T-shirt

Debenhams is sponsoring the lifestyle category of the UK Blog Awards 2015. To celebrate they have come up with these fantastic t-shirts and a great competition(find that here)

I particularly like the "I'm a big deal on my blog" one.

It would look great styled with a gorgeous Oasis Lace trilby

These Guess Brown tortoiseshell diamante logo sunglasses 

Love this bag, looks so functional, Mantaray Light tan leather twist lock mini backpack 

Mantaray Light Blue Denim Skinny Jeans
Mantaray Light blue denim skinny jeans an absolute bargain at £29.50

 I can never resist wedges, so these Faith Tan leather high wedge sandals made the cut. 25% off at the moment.

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